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Various problems and concerns may arise when you buy something used. And in the case of buying a second-hand car, these concerns may double. You would better take some steps and research some information before making a deal. This article covers the search for BMW X1 (F48) VIN decoder and more. This is a very handy activity as it allows you to receive some data about the car before you buy it. If you want to know more information about the topic, keep reading.

VIN Code

You may wonder what is the VIN code. It is your vehicle identification number that is also known as a chassis number. It consists of 17 digits and is to be found on your vehicle registration certificate (V5C). The first character represents the country of origin of your machine.

The second character describes the manufacturer and location where it has been built. The third figure together with the first two ones indicates the type of machine. The number on the (for the right-hand drive) bimmer is located at the base of the windscreen. It is on the passenger side of the vehicle in second-hand bimmer models. This is usually required for anyone to identify your BMW. It is also be found under the bonnet of the auto stamped/printed near the top of the suspension mounting. These chassis numbers are to be identical.

Look Up

Using your chassis number can be of great help if you wish to avoid any problems, Thus, for finding some evidence on your X1 (F48)VIN, use BMWVINDecoder. It is a very practical search engine. But this is not the only source. You are able to utilize the material provided by the NHTSA (Administration of National Highway Traffic Safety) as well.

The latter stores information that was provided to it by different companies. If you want to search, write the 17 digits in the required space and explore the details you need. If you want to learn the year of the bimmer, pay attention to the 10th character. It indicates the model year of the auto. This applies to vehicles that have been built in 1981 or later.

There are other means as well that you can practice doing a free check. The first way of a free check is to study the statistics given by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). The second means for you to practice is And the third is Fill in the required numerals and these sites will do the needed lookup.

Why is it important?

The reason to look for an identification code is very sound. There are many facts and features that you find out through the decoding tool. For example, you find out the price of a new or second-hand auto. This will help you to be aware of the market price. It can also be drawn on for ordering the correct parts and upgrades or even mods for your BMW X1.

By knowing the exact year or model or other characteristics of your auto, it will be easy to make any kind of decision. For example, the testing helps you with ordering replacement or replacement key fobs. It clarifies which key is needed. This testing informs you if the machine has been modified or not. Besides all these, comparing mobiles of the same mark allows you to see how their functions differ.

This is a handy activity when you are going to upgrade some parts.


When it comes to deploying IT for linked automobiles, the company adopts a multi-layered approach. It prioritizes data security and confidentiality, allowing enterprises to comply. Their digital services, called "BMW CarData," give other parties secure access to automobile materials. The platform's collaborative approach is highlighted by the company. While retaining the sole administrator of all systems, the organization seeks to transfer material to third parties in a fair, safe, and non-discriminatory manner (onboard and external).

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